When you've lost the ability to give a fuck so you do what you gon' do.
"Yo, Rosie just knocked that shit over and walked away"
"Yeah yo, that girls got zero chill"

"DaShawn was mad annoying last night"
"Yeah yo zero chill"
by BBBRosie April 5, 2015
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1. When one looses the ability to look calm.
2. When one doesn't care about anything.
Go talk to him, Jo.
I can't Naomi, I have zero chill

Did you just punch that old man? I swear, you have zero chill, bro
by María José April 20, 2017
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definately as the word suggests it literally means one is just cool or calmed down
james justed posted a pic and you know what" zero chills" is his caption.
by tunenchi March 2, 2018
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When something bad happens and you have not sensation
When your dad files for bankruptcy and your legacy is gone. Zero body chills.
by Roadrashsteffi December 7, 2019
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