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Fun, brutally honest, amazingly beautiful. Zequita is the perfect example of someone you'd be lucky to spend the rest of your life with. Hard working, loyal to a fault of selflessness. The way she puts the needs of others ahead of herself is one of her strengths as well as her greatest weakness. A ball of positive energy best describes her on a good day. Beware though..... Zequita has an aggressive side. When angry it would be advised to steer clear of her wrath at all costs. This can be seen as a problem until it melts over to areas of love and situations of the sexual nature. Zequita is adventurous and extremely aggressive when it comes to this area. Her favorite slogan or saying, "it is what it is."
Everyone's had that one Zequita that got away.
by BeautyFinderForYou December 21, 2016
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