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The most handsome, cleverly charming, witty and faithful person to ever live!!! Zephen would die for honor and is as loyal as they come..anyone should be so lucky to be with this person. His sense of humor will be the deal breaker for the ladies....The most real and genuine of all!! A diamond in the ruff! Also don't look into those huge brown eyes or be lost to him forever....
Look at Jas with Zephen!! She's soooo LUCKY!!

Name me one actor that has what Zephen..has....
by Nikkie E February 02, 2010
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Usually a guy that is a little prick. The type of guy to always try to start a fight yet never tries fight in the first place, basically a fake tough guy. He is still one of the more popular kids in school with lots of friends.
Yo, that kid looks like he tryna throw hands. Nah the dude is a real Zephen.
by ScarLxrd October 07, 2017
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Came across a guy named Zephen and he was just as unique as his name

Smart , witty and cute. Takes care of his family and very down to earth. Has a few friends he sticks with.
Zephen is a good guy.
by Nano. January 21, 2019
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