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A Rare Dominican Term for being young at heart, yet mature in mind. being a diamond covered in dirt. that once cleaned you shall cherish for ever. its a state of beauty that is seen by everyone but understood by very few. Its being open minded, with a closed heart. Being of very few words, but with very loud actions. is having a glare that can melt enemies in their tracks. but also given a look by these eyes can make you feel like your important. is of having a body that isnt just a body, but a temple in which it should not be disrespected. Havinga Dark aura. but when seen in a crowd, said aura sticks out like a sun burst in the dark space void. very hard to come across. and easy to lose. its of being from an island that is so rich and gorgeous, its like having an imported mango you wish to never eat and keep forever. its also being a hard thing to handle. but the most patient ones will see that its all worth it in the end.
Ex: See those two girls over there? no where near a Zashery.
Ex2: I wish my girl was a Zashery.
Ex3: i would love to have a Zashery in my life to call my own.
by OmsinLover November 13, 2011
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