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A former God from the world of Runescape. Often referred to as "evil" or foul" even though there is very little information concerning him as of yet.

During the god wars, the mahjarrat Zamorak managed to get hold of the staff of armadyl. (A very powerful artifact belonging to one of the other gods) Using the power of the staff he was able to Kill Zaros. The other gods banished him for daring to kill one of their own, however several years later he returned as a god and there was nothing the other gods could do to prevent it.

Zaros still has followers though they are few and far between. The bandits at the bedabin camp in the desert, and the mahjarrat Azzanadra to name a few. While zaros is mentioned in several quests and mini quests, most characters seem to have some fear of talking about him and very little information has been revealed thus far.
All hail Zaros, true god of chaos and ruler of Gielinor.
by HeXeN September 20, 2009
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