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A girl's name, but it is very unusual. She's very poetic and dreamlike. She can mostly be found playing video games, writing, playing soccer, or making her friends laugh in class. She's one heck of an amzing friend! She can be annoying at times, but she'll usually make it up to you by telling one of your most hilarious insiders! Sometimes she's wild and uncontrollable, but she can also be very quiet and almost emo. She can be very tomboyish too. She mostly hangs out with guys and some girls who are also guyish enough to hang with the guys. She's often referred to being "hipster" or "emo," but whatever she is, she's a great friend! Also, a deer and a goat are her lucky animals!
Alexx: Dude! Did you see Zamia today?? She was wild and cracking jokes the WHOLE class time! XD
Evan: No, but I'm sure she'll tell me all about it in Lunch! XD
by The Masked Phantom~ February 07, 2012
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