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A Zalbar (zh-älb-ar) is someone who is king of the awesome-sauce. They can train thier pokémon to power levels that are over 9000 without the aid of cheats or hacks.
When playing a multi-player FPS they will score head shots one everyone repeatedly from as far away as the maps will allow them to go with thier fists as the selected weapon.
A common occurance in the Counter-Strike games is to here the game's voice state:
"A Zalbar has joined the game, Counter-Terrorists win."
As Zalbar's unfailingly play as the counter-terrorists, and thier joining a game is considered an auto-win.
It is not yet known why.

Chuck Norris himself on many occassions has admitted that he is scared to leave the house unless Zalbar is asleep.
"Zalbars are just so awesome, it's frightening.", he says.

There was a character in the Xbox video game "Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic" whose name was Zalbar. This was merely a cooincedince, and he was not in fact a 'true' Zalbar. He was just a 7ft. tall walking carpet that made grenades for you and whined about privacy if you attempted engage him in a conversation.
Holy crap that guy raised a Pikachu to level 647533 without cheating or hax, then blew away 50 people on 10 diffrent maps in COD with his Snorelax while still playing pokémon his DS! He's a ****ing Zalbar!
by destroll March 25, 2011
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