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1 (n.) An unusual zombie(s) encountered during apocalyptic situations which are consisted of about 90 % pizza material, in which one would say ZOMG

2 (n.) A silly nickname given to an amazingly beautiful and charming girl.

(Most commonly reffering to THE MOST amazing girl in the state of Texas, named Madehhh Robehhhson.) :D

Girls like her are not easy to come by, and I constantly find myself wanting to hang out with her as much as possible, and just being able to see that wonderful smile again. Over these last few weeks or so, ive come to realize just how much I enjoy just being in her presence...

"ZOMGPIZZAZOMBIES" is the girl I think about all day: at school, at work, even when im around my other friends. And by the end of the day, if I can just get her to smile, then i feel like I accomplished something worthwhile. Because there is nothing like being able to just sit there and become lost in her eyes, and its something most guys would look forward to any day of the week, if you knew just how awesome she really is.
Zombie 1: Wow, did you see that guy? He looked quite ridiculous made out of pizza!

Zombie 2: Yeah, that was Steve. most people say ZOMG when they see him...

Guy 1: Hey man, who was that amazingly beautiful girl i just saw walking to class?

Guy 2: Oh you mean, ZOMGPIZZAZOMBIES? Yeahh, she's kind of a big deal.
by Anch0rblue September 05, 2010
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