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'ZOMFJ' was coined by someone to have no meaning, I'm sure, but the meaning exists for fans of an anime/manga called Naruto. The way to actually say it out loud would not be 'zomfig' but 'Zoh My Fucking Jashin.' Jashin is a fictional god worshiped by the character Hidan from Naruto. Several fans actually claim to follow the religion of Jashinism, though that would require that they perform sacrificial rituals on living human beings, therefore killing them. No one but a serial killer, and a really good one at that, could actually follow this religion. Jashin's followers are supposed to get full immortality, age-wise and when it comes to physical harm.

Used to express surprise or...well, just about anything.
ZOMFJ did you see that!?
by Insomnia Kills January 28, 2008
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no real meaning like ZOMFG but with a J
lyk ZOMFJ thats uber cool
ZOMFJ did you check out the girl back there?
by wilsey 9 October 29, 2007
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