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ZDH (Zombie Death Horde) A crew of degenerates from Long Island New York. Formed In 2003 as a group of friends who Moshed for the bands Revenance & Without Remorse. ZDH Chilled, Partied, and got trashed together. Gangeta Rap,Grind Core, and Death Metal is there musical influance.
Bands like Despised Icon, Abysmal Torment, Goratory, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Ultra Vomit. Along with Rap artists such as Dipset, Paul Wall, The Game, Lil' Wayne, and Purple City. These Green Marijuana leaf Green/Red bandana wearing maniacs are feared by all who has come in contact with them. Under the pot leaf bandanas are nothing but goodlooks.
ZDH, your either with us or your hideous.
by ZombieByrdSet May 02, 2007
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