Evil taken to the next level. So evil, that when the said entity dies, Satan would not only get off the throne, but dedicate an entire new Hell to said person...Hell 2.0
Your mate is dating a whale...you post it all over facebook, and you buy him a harpoon...Dude that is totally Z-Evil!

When you visit a person's house, and as you get near it, it always starts with thunder and lightning...That guy is totally Z-Evil!

When your mate leaves his Facebook account open...and you change his looking for to "men"...and only tell him a month later...Totally Z-Evil!

When you blame your wing-man for your atrocious driving while the guy's mom is giving his crap for it...and you are just smiling there...Z-Evil

Introducing your only black friend to your parents...and telling him to suit up...because you told him that they kill black people who are not in suits....Totally Z-Evil

Giving your best mate's business card to a ladyboy hooker...totally Z-Evil
by E-Major September 8, 2010
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