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The Legend of the "Yuugloofian" originated in the beginning of the 10th Century A.D. The Yuugloofian's were a tranquil and civil people that lived for centuries alone on a quiet stretch of land in the lower Appalachian Mountains, now known today as Rockbridge. Interestingly enough the current owners of the land, YoungLife, have an uncanny past with its original owners.

In the 1900s YoungLife acquired the property and began to build on the land and transform it into the camp ground we see today the . Yet, because of "undisclosed differences" the Yuugloofian's were asked to "vacate the property". Obviously distressed, the Yuugloofian's didn't leave quietly and vowed to haunt Rockbridge.

Now, the Yuugloofians were believed to be extinct by 1989. However, since 2001 there has been 9 confirmed sightings of one single Yuugloofian, but with every sighting a missing person has followed.

It appears that the Yuugloofian is back to honor the vow of its ancestors. It uses the cover of darkness and only walks the grounds of Rockbridge at night when it strikes.

If you or anyone you know is going to Rockbridge within the coming months, do your self and them a favor and tell them about this Legend!

by Rockbridge Staff January 14, 2011
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