On X’s No Jumper interview, he explained that women like his dick because it’s big and, in his own words, “like a dagger…long, a solid 8 inches, but skinny.” Due to this, he nicknamed himself ‘Young Dagger Dick’. This also used to be his old Twitter handle before he changed it to @xxxtentacion.
Yeah, hit my line for the nigga dick, check my Twitter, yeah
Yeah, they call me Yung Dagger Dick, that's my handle, yeah
by Elexon6273 October 9, 2018
Beth groleau is known as young dagger dick as she has the most daggery of all dicks.
"Hey look there's Beth Groleau, no that's yung dagger dick"
by Yungdaggerdick6969 March 10, 2020
xxxtentacion is hard ... His songs drop harder than my grades. yung dagger dick
by Klara seks April 15, 2017