Yumeko is a bat shit crazy gambler. Even though she seems nice and innocent and not a fucking lunatic. she is and don't be fooled. Her only talent's are gambling and acting like she's normal. Now I do give her extra points because she was almost raPpEd by a stupid whore named June who is a sexiest version of katsuki bakugo even though katsuki doesn't care about anybody including there gender, he won't be nice to a girl cause it's a girl, and he won't be mean to a boy cause it's a boy, he will hate them both equally. Anyways back to jabami. She is known for being incredible hOT and gets all the boys AND girls attention
Omg I heard yumeko jabami is gonna gamble against the head mistress!

Dude yumeko is good. But the head mistress is better
by Nobodygivesafuckkaren April 08, 2020
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A damn HOT yet insane girl who love's to gamble. She really hates Midari, but deep down inside of her we ALL know she love's her, as a friend. THIS GIRL IS SO INSANE, that she acted like a cat.
Yumeko Jabami: OH! Konichiwa Ryota~!
by DaddyLevi'sLilBrat June 14, 2021
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