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When someone is using English words, but he makes no fucking sense. Possibly an attempt to obfuscate one's real intentions.

Though English in root, it is possibly derived from Ancient chinese texts dating to the Wang dynasty and mastered completely in 2012 in Amsterdam and Istanbul. Its use is not widespread but causes confusion throughout the DC Area.

Commonly performed via text messages, punctation and spelling are often not used at all
Question: are you going to meet us?

Reply in Yuglish: Disappoint. Ok yes ur right but now i see ur points maybe will see after will meet up but must consider if ur wrong

question: Can I rely on you to be there Saturday?

Reply in Yuglish: problem is. thats unappropiate to ask. Well u see its kinda like u want cheese but order pizza. u get cheese but is it what u want?
by OB1kanobie July 20, 2012
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