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YuFi is called Yu Fidelity, or Yu Connection. The undeniable connection to Yu, no matter where Yu are in the world; the further Yu are away, the more the heartache is and conversely, the closer Yu are, the happier the heart is. Unlike WiFi, Yu are unique, can never be forgotten and Yu wish there was an auto-join feature. When Yu are very close in proximity for an extended period of time, the connection is like a fine wine that matures and reaches its fullness in time. A prolonged severed YuFi connection on the other hand may lead to late nights with a bottle, sappy old love songs, a tub of delicious ice cream, a bucket of KFC, scar tissue, heartbreak, faded heart and even death.
Dude 1: Why you looking so glum chum?
Dude 2: I’ve got bad YuFi signal.
Dude 1: Oh man, you gotta sort that sheit out else it gonna kill you!
Dude 2: I know man, it’s worse than not having any WiFi.
by TigerMunky August 03, 2018
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