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Very witty and open-minded. Mostly extroverted around new people, but can be introverted depending on the person. Ysobel is happy a lot of the time, and pats every and all the dogs that pass her. Gets annoying really easily, talks non-stop. Attracts boys without realising, but is only known to have serious relationships.

The rarest female on earth. Utterly unique. Ysobel's make the greatest girlfriends/lovers/fiances/wives; is most likely to be your soul mate/other half.
Living perfection.

Ysobel is a name for girls of Hebrew derivation, and the meaning is 'God is my Oath'.

NOT to be confused with Isobel, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabell, Isobell, and Isabella.
Guy 1: Dude, I wish my girl was an Ysobel. You're so lucky.
Guy 2: Sucks to be you, seeing as you're stuck with a Jess.
by twinkle44 November 14, 2016
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