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Yoyinsola's are sweet african-cultured girls. They have the most sparkling eyes and the most beautiful faces that will lure you closer to them. Boys chase these girls everywhere, but Yoyinsola's put them right.Every move they makes creates a spark on the floor, Yoyinsola's are very special. If you happen to meet a Yoyinsola you are in luck ; usually they are very sweet-hearted and very friendly. But don't get on their bad side, Yoyinsola's can be moody and they can get frustrated. Yoyinsola's are overall lovely people and if you ever get to meet one then just know that you're in luck and there is a happy future ahead for you.
Person 1:Wow can you see that gorgeous girl over there?
Person 2:Oh she's Yoyinsola.
by pengalicious May 14, 2018
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