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A crocodile like skank who steals boys and has acne on her vagina.
her face is a hideous lump of deformity, and she gets with younger boys because she is a paedophile and cheats on her boyfriend in front of him. she has no friends because everyone hates her, and the friends she has she forces into seeing her. she makes arguments between people, is a drama queen, and 'self harms' with scratches that are barely visible. she is an attention seeking whore, who claims to gbe anorexic when she is so fat she has rolls on her stomach. her parents think she is so innocent but actually she has had lesbian sex aged 12 when she fingered and licked out her best friend. she steals clothes, blows people off for boys, and is so fake its painful.
Boy: Fuck me, the beast has escaped from the zoo, CATCH IT!!

Girl: No, thats yovela, the skanky whore.

Boy: Shitt, shes SO ugly and spotty, What a twat.

Girl: Join the club.
by the Rat whipper August 19, 2009
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