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Youthful Rebellion was founded in 2009 in the heart of South East London. Their love for ‘old skool’ video games, comic book characters, cartoons of the past, art, bright colours and outright creative behaviour birthed the brand.

They believed that society was dictating and influencing today’s population in a way that it should not. We all possessed the power to make our own decisions and fashion statements and it was ‘your time’ to make those decisions. So one night in South East London ‘The Sheep’ was born and they have never looked back since!
Youthful Rebellion is about being yourself, having the guts to pick up something and be like "im gonna wear that" no matter what anybody thinks. Youthful Rebellion is that little voice that tells you that its ‘your time’...everybody hears that voice but few act on it! we aim to change this! our first creation is the lego brick chain which can be purchased from!
by David Fiasco June 01, 2010
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