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For little kids and dumbasses, it a saying to mean when you raise your left hand when asked for your right, to tell them to change to the other hand.
Teacher: Kids, raise your right hand!

(Billy raises his left hand.)

Teacher: Billy, your other right.
by Sunkissed95 March 20, 2010
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A phrase said to a moron who does not know their right from their left.
I told Johnny to raise his right hand so he could be sworn in to testify in court. Johnny raises his left and I tell him your other right.
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Phrase meaning "left" for dumbasses that can't tell the difference between left and right. As opposed to your other left
Coach: Turn left!

(Kids turn right)

Coach: ...Your other right.

(Kids turn left)
by rightwinger March 02, 2005
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