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Worse than

"Your mum gay"
"Your dad lesbian"
"Your granny tranny"
"Your gramps a tramp"
"Your sister a mister"
"Your brother is a mother"
"Your family tree lgbt"
This word can overpower the already legendary "no u"
Frank: Your mum gay
Edward: Your dad lesbian
Frank: Your granny tranny
Edward: Your gramps a tramp
Frank: Your sister a mister
Edward: Your brother a mother
Frank: Your family tree lgbt
Edward: dont make me do it
Frank: do it pussy
Edward: Your nan a man
Frank: no u

(it is not effective)
Frank explodes, the sun explodes and earth is covered in fire
by H0w d0 1 m4ke fr1ends May 15, 2018
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Worse than your mom gay, your dad lesbian,your grandpap a trap, and your sister a mister combined negates any no u given and destroys the universe and recreates it in seconds
Me: "Your mom gay lol"
Todd: "No u"
Me: "Your nan a man"
Todd: *erased from existance*
by No u lol May 10, 2018
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