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The most powerful roast of all time. Unlike the others, this can only be used when all other resources are exhausted; it does not skip places in the hierarchy. Will beat both hierarchical roasts (your mom gay, your dad lesbian, your granny tranny, your family tree lgbt and your ancestors were incestors) and non-hierarchical roasts (your granpap a trap, your sister a mister etc.). Only susceptible to the eternal no u.
Person 1: your mom gay lol
Person 2: Hah, basic- your dad lesbian
Person 1: Pfft, weak, your granny tranny
Person 2: Don't make me do it
Person 1: Go on ya pussy
Person 2: {your family tree lgbt
*Person 1 and all his family are sent to hell and the galaxy collapses in on itself*
Person 1: *comes back from death* You think you've won?
Person 2: I have. {Your ancestors were incestors.
Person 1: Nope. Your evolutionary originators chronic masterbators.
*the universe explodes*
by unespectedinquisition June 14, 2018
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