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1. A possessive phrase indicating the second party is in possession of a "Fuckin Gay" ie. a latent homosexual which enjoys intercourse. This phrase doesn't indicate that the targeted party is in fact gay, only that he or she possesses one. (maybe a slave?)
"Pardon me, madam, may i borrow your fuckin gay for the weeks end? I'm having a naughty party!"
by ExplosiveJello June 19, 2009
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Your Fuckin Gay.

1. A phrase to explain how homosexual a person is.
2. An outburst to insult or verbally attack someone.
3. An extremely homosexual human being.
"I bet your fuckin gay!!"

"How fuckin gay are you?!, your as fuckin gay as the day is long!"
by Derek Scholl May 23, 2008
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