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Young in Spirit, Hungry in Ambition.

› Do you feel the daily burden of having to move the human race forward?
› Do you have trouble sleeping when there is good work waiting to be done?
› Do you tend to contemplate the future?

If so, you may be youngry.
I offered him a raise, but he politely suggested that he could do what we do twice as good and for half the cost as an entrepreneur. We are screwed. Youngry bastard...
by stayyoungry January 13, 2011
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The word, "Youngry" is the marriage of two words, "Young" and "Hungry." "Young" in terms of employing a person who is looking to get ahead, are under 35, and are not set in their ways. "Hungry" in terms of having passion and the drive to be a team player and/or entrepreneur in the business world.
Some of these matrons will pull a fast one on me as soon as I turn my back. What I really need is an employee who is youngry.
by nowiknow February 12, 2010
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Youngry is a term used when you're getting fucked in the ass and the ass-rapist is trying to reassure you it's a good thing. Some people are more susceptible to this approach than others. The ones most susceptible are called, "Bucs fans".
That dude really shredded my asshole, but he was youngry so it was totally worth it! He'll make something of himself one day and it will all pay off.
by SoulGlow November 23, 2011
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