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#1: A white person who pretends to hate black people in 90% of his/her YouTube comments. Has at least 20 black friends, 5 of which would be on his/her cell phone's contact list. Usually is mad because he was bullied by a black kid sometime recently.

#2: A black person who calls whites "devils" in all of his/her YouTube comments. Usually sticks to Malcolm X videos, completely ignoring the fact that Malcolm renounced all of his racist views shortly before his death.

#3: An Asian who argues for Asian superiority in his/her YouTube comments. He/she has never touched a member of the opposite sex before.

#4: A Hispanic who hates blacks in his/her comments. He/she usually has at least 10 rap videos by black rappers as favorites.
YouTube Racists in their prime:

#1: KKKWhitePower wrote: "go bck 2 afrika. now shut up while i call my best friend, marcus johnson"

#2: LouisFarrakhanisdaShizz wrote: "LOLOL u fuckin whites are devils. STFU. now let me watch my pre-hajj malcolm x vids without u commenting on them"

#3: AZN wrote: "AZN PRIDE. ALL OTHER RACES ARE STUPID. lmao wtf is a girl stupid bitch"

#4: Holmes328492 wrote: "FUCK UR BLACK ASS. i'm gonna go watch "A Milli" by Lil Wayne 4 times now"
by BlackTokyo May 03, 2009
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