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This refers to a person, typically a middle school or high school kid, who is so completely jaded from watching the most extreme sports stunts and best tricks of pro riders - on YouTube all the time ( e.g. bmx, skateboarding, scooters that he walks around in his daily life thinking everybody who can’t do all those tricks suck. The “YouTube Pro” is often at the skatepark mocking people about how bad they are, saying things like: “He can’t even do a back flip” .....when the sad truth is- the YouTube Pro can’t do ANY tricks at all, and rarely does he even try to. He has just become delusional of his own reality and thinks he is on a higher pro level now because of all those videos he has watched.
Jerry is at the skatepark and sees somebody trying to learn 360’s . Jerry starts talking about how doing quad backflip 360s is the new normal and proceeds to laughs at that person “just trying 3s” .... Jerry sure has become a YouTube Professional now
by SirWonky May 01, 2018
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noun - A person who has absolutely no experience or legitimate knowledge of a topic, but criticizes and corrects doctors, etc. because they consider themselves the Einstein of the comments section; similar to a keyboard warrior, but less angry and more arrogant/douchey. These people tend to be very unlikable and typically instigate a very long thread of trolling comments back-and-forth, demonstrating further that they are definitely a douche bag.
Oh look, another YouTube Professional watched a three-minute video on popping blackheads and now is telling Dr. Pimple Popper how she should change her techniquebecause he actually thinks that his opinion > medical school.
by Apocalypse2017!Yay! January 06, 2017
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