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The YouTube Partnership Program is an opportunity for YouTube users that, after surpassing a certain amount of subscribers and views, allows the user to profit off of advertising revenue and paid promotions. However, it was also mischievously designed to fuck over smaller channels that have not yet met their requirements to be eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program by cockweeds that only care about the product first and creativity second.

There are rumors that, long ago, the YouTube website actually rewarded creativity and originality. No complicated algorithms based on watch time and upload frequency that only seem to be programmed to benefit the advertisers that give YouTube money. No Paul brothers or RiceGums to plague the platform due to how these ridiculous algorithms work. No random users playing a monetization lottery and sometimes getting several videos deleted or even their entire channel suspended. Just a site of pure, wild fun for the world to enjoy and share.

But in any case, this is what we have now. Thanks.
Friend: "Hey, I heard you're eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program! That's awesome!"
User: "Actually, those regulations were just changed. Guess I'll have to post hundreds of vlogs and diss tracks to even stand a chance now."
by ARGUS_SBB January 22, 2018
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