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Pretty much someone with no life who goes around commenting retarded, no way constructed often racist comments on youtube videos. If someone says "That video was bad becuase.... blah blah.... try to have better lighting next time." Thats not a hater. If a video actually does suck, saying that it's bad doesn't make you a hater at all, but its when your video isn't that bad that these get out of hand. Youtube haters also usually spell like my dog... when she was in her mom's belly.
"dude ur a fuckes ass what the hell is ur prob is she ur girl friend or something u dip shit u must really like her to stay here and post shit about other ppl ur a no life who is a nerd that thinks he can act kool cuzz no one know him or anything u suck herry ones dude u think ur a that but ur absolutley nothing u this u can act like a gangster or something but ur not so stop bieng a ass u jackass and star living in realety cuzz ur a no good piece of tird and i dont care how i spell u dick >:D"

"eww a nigger who thinks she is funny"

"tht wuz retarded. tht wuz a rip off of mi video.=P (Her video was made a month after my video)"

All actual comments I have received from YouTube Haters
by Angelicawalker123 March 09, 2009
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A YouTuber who leaves rude, mean, and/or degrading comments on other YouTuber's videos and/or profiles that are, in no way, constructive.
You just left me a comment that says "Your video's stupid...", you're such a YouTube hater!
by Jared W. February 09, 2007
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Term used by Youtube drama/attention whores to describe people who criticize their videos or don't give them 5 stars. A sad and tired retort used by people whom are very butthurt because they didn't get the fawning admiration they were so pathetically seeking.
Prima - "I thought it could have been better"
Secunda - "ZOMG!!! you are an YouTube hater!!!one11!!"
by Were all doomed February 17, 2007
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