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The concept of, upon an item such as a pot of coffee or bowl of pretzels being emptied, the person who emptied said item is entrusted with the duty of replenishing the goods previously kept therein. Lazy people will not kill things if they are too lazy to fill them, and douchebags will kill them without feeling they should be bothered with refilling them.

Never trust a person who feels above this law. For Example:
(Ted and Jason are in an office setting. Both walk towards a pot of coffee.)
Ted: Mmm, I love coffee.
(Ted pours a cup of coffee, kills it, and begins to walk away.)
Jason: Ted, come on, you kill it you fill it!
Ted: Nah, I'm too big of a douchebag to make coffee.
Jason: Go die in a fire.
(Don't worry, Ted does.)
by Leechdemon October 09, 2006
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