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For the girl version see:You Fancy Chicken!(If it's not there it'll be there soon....I promise ^.^)

1.What your dad (In the worst cases) calls your boyfriend
2.What your mum uses to flirt with your bestfriends,usually accompanied with the "subtle" hand on leg routine.(if their guys.. -.-)
3.What your friend says to the teacher to make you laugh when ya feelin' blue (usually works..LOLz)
Usually indicates that the person that says it is an idiot.
(In the example the dad seems homosexual....That's usually how it's like...Trust me...LOLz)

Ur Dad:So...Tony Where u from?
Tony(Ur BF):Er...France...
Ur Dad:Omg You Fancy Man!

Ur Mum:So want a coffee damien?
Damien(Ur Bestfriend):(joking) yeh make sure it's from italy ha ha...
Ur Mum:ha ha ha How you kid around...You Fancy Man!........-puts hand on damien's leg and slowly runs it up-....

*Damien whispers something to you involving "mum" and "flirting" and "inappropriate toucy, feely" but he's talking so fast you don't hear completely your mum comes in with cookies and Damien suddenly understand completely*

Ur Weird Hypo Brilliant Friend:Mister..Do you know what this means? and what the heck is it?
Teacher:Why timmy those are hyroglyphics, and that means "Soul Water"
Ur Weird Hypo Brilliant Friend:OMFG Mr garrison You Fancy Man!

(And yeh..I know who Mr Garrison is...)
by FucktardedScarecrow August 04, 2009
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