When a person wants to do something that will cause them to be judged but they do it anyway.
Joanne wants to wear her hair in pigtails but she is getting weird looks from her classmates but her friend Ella likes them and says"you do you boo" .
by QueenTbag March 24, 2016
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Similar to “whatever floats your boat” or “if that’s your cup of tea,” but with more of an supportive tone.

It can be used to encourage others to do what makes them happy or to stick to their values/beliefs despite opposition, or as a way to acknowledge others may do something differently than how the speaker/writer just said they do it and they won’t judge.
“I really want to wear this outfit I love but Sarah’s said it’s tacky.”
“That’s just her opinion! Her style is really different from yours but that doesn’t mean this style is bad. You do you, Boo! Own that look!”
“Personally I think that much cream and sugar in the drink makes it a coffee-flavored dessert rather than an actual coffee, but you do you, Boo.”
by Haruko-chan June 29, 2023
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