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Often found in the bios of 12-20 year olds; the largest demographic being high school underclassmen.

A way for 'actors' to showcase how cool and 'theatre-y' they are. (See also, drama kid).

It is important to note that real actors would never have this bio - as they don't feel the need to constantly justify to their internet friends how 'theatre-y' they are. Those who use this bio are often only interested in theater for the social aspect of it.

Often people with this bio follow pages such as "Theatre Problems"

Variations include, "U can find me center stage", "Aspiring actor", "Probably on stage", "Can't, I have rehearsal"
1. ●Becky Smith

● Class of 2019

● Chad 5.7.16

● Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte ❣

● You can find me center stage

2. Joe: Bro I wanna ask Becky out
Tom: Don't do it, she's one of those "you can find me center stage" girls
Joe: Exactly! She needs validation so badly, she'll be easy to nail
Tom: Idk sounds like a bad idea bro
by Real____talk April 03, 2017
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