verb (past tense)
1. another way to say yeeted

1. slang usually used by furries and maybe some other people when referring to a coyote or someone with a coyote fursona (pronounced as a clipping of the original word)
(see also: yarp yarp)
verb (past tense)
1. The drunk man yote the empty barrel across the tavern.

1. I saw a yote on the bus today. A real one, I mean; not a fursuiter. He was more polite than most of the humans.
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by Waifi July 06, 2020
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the correct past tense of yeet. he who says yeeted, yoted, yate or yated is a disgrace to all intelligent life forms, the meme dimension, our universe and all others like it (and they have the worst grammar, vocabulary and the smallest brain in the world ever).
"I just did the greatest yote of all time!"

"I just yote the ball soooo hard!"

"hey bob, me 'n' Dave just had a yeet off, and he yote it about 10 meters, then I completely rekt him with a yote of like fifty lightyears!"

"dam boi! u yote dat hard, boi!"
by Dem Dank Memez March 18, 2019
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The past tense of Yeet, most commonly used when referring to a good, bad, sad, dangerous, awesome or generally annoying action in the past.
"...and then my parents yote me out the window."
by FWasHere January 17, 2019
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1. To strap someone to a table fully naked, shave their stomach hair off, and then pour pastrami all over their bare, naked stomach. Similar to getting sauced on, (get sauced on) but more specific.

2. To destroy someone in a computer game so hard that it is similar to them getting cold pastrami sauce poured over their belly.
*Two Girls talking*
"Hey how did that date go last night?"
"Oh it was good... he took me to his apartment and then yoted me..."
"Oooh how nice ;)"

*Angry gamer pwning a lvl 1. Crook*
"HA! Get yoted on n00b!"
by c0mradekast January 28, 2019
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