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An absolutely amazing woman. She is the most beautiful, humorous, attractive, charming, fun, intelligent, and astonishing girl out there. She is strong, stronger than anyone else, yet soft and more caring than all people combined. Her thoughtfulness exceeds everyone’s, and she is seriously the sweetest thing there is, while definitely hot and very sexy at the same time. Knows when to be naughty and when to be nice. She is very loving, and gives undeserved grace and forgiveness. Her tender lips and wonderfully crafted hands make her jaw-dropping. Your heart will call her name endlessly, and you will give yourself unto her fully. Words cannot express or fulfill anything about her, for each of those attributes are both precious and special in and of themselves. She will make you cry tears of true happiness every day - everything about her is totally flawless. She is, simply, the most perfect girl to walk this planet.
Yomalys is the epitome of beauty.
by The Luckiest Man Alive January 17, 2018
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