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Usually when you encounter a chick that is beat as fuck you would look over to your friend and pronounce "yo bear? When there is confusion in the beatness of the chick, a slight pause after "yo" may be used for emphasize. For example, "Yo.... Bear?" The term is not always used negatively however. When someone is in beast mode at work or beats the shit out of someone,they may be referred to as the bear, which of course means you can look over to your friend and say, "Yo bear? When these situations occuur. "Yo bear?" May simply be stated when you receive a present such as a Teddy Bear or possobly even your favorite candy.

"Yo bear" originated at a a party when the owner of the house tried going to bed while people were still at the party. She came out of her bedroom like a bear and was upset that people were being loud still partying. She announced opening the door, "You have awoken the bear." "Yo bear?" was pronounced by one of the lads at the party.
"Chick's beat"
"Yo... Bear?"
"Dude Hannah is ape as shit at work."
"Yo bear?"
by Gnomenclature November 09, 2012
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