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Yilary's are very smart, dominant, and wise. They can manipulate you ,the things you do, and the things you feel. They stay true to their word and are the most faithful you'll find. They have a very powerful personality but have trouble developing feelings for someone, if they let you in they most likely feel bad or are just using you. They carry pain in their heart and blood in their eyes. They don't trust, love, or give a single fuck about you. They are cold hearted but when they feel love, they really feel it and when they feel hate they really feel it. They tend to have lots of haters, the reason is because people feel intimidated by the intelligence of this individual. They know what's right and what's wrong, in other words, listen to what they speak. They never make mistakes, people around them may think he/she has commited a mistake but they don't see the bigger picture and the planning yilary has made, the reason is because they are not at the same level of intelligence as yilary. They are distinguised beings, no one will ever be able to be on the same level of this individual. They hold the power to destroy the world of many human beings, and will if they want to. These superior beings may have many partners in their lifetime but will only feel connected to one forever. They have no worries, if you don't benefit them they won't need you and will forget you. They are very honest, respectful, and trustworthy.
by Superfuckinggenius August 25, 2018
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