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Basically a Yida (pronounced YEE-DA)is a person who is kinda weird, like you think he might have been dropped on his head as a kid. He often looks at you with weird expressions, and is sometimes a creeper, watching you in your sleep. Some even suspect he is from outer-space. Sometimes he even stalks a really hot girl.
Hey, that new kid watched me in my sleep, he's a total Yida!
by aliBABA666 March 15, 2007
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A messed up kid that looks like some one from a sciencefictional horror film. he is the type of person when you look at him you will feel like you have met an alien. he is the type of guy that will get kicked off of mars for being too ugly.the term yida reffers to some one who:a)born in Hiroshima
b)exposed to too much toxic wast
c)is so ugly that his mom felt guilt fot the sin that is born on the earth.
d)some one who's head is smashed up from birth
the word Yida in a sentence: yo yida have your mom ever told you tht being ugly is not your falt. But being THIS ugly you shouldn't be going around scareing people.
by HAske0 April 25, 2007
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