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Yeven Mosby is the original inventor of the strap on dildo. He was born in September 1973, in concord CA. On his 15th birthday he was accused of having sexual relations with his mother. She was hauled off on jail for sexual moltestation charges later that month. When he turned 21, he was accused of raping a 41 year old women, and molesting her 7 year old boy.

The women never showed up to trial, and the charges were droped later on. Since then Yeven has been acused of several account of sexual abuse towards many dogs. Yeven had a fine collection of dildos, and created a home made strap on. He then decided to patton his idea leter on in life.

Yeven Mosby died in 2006, when the father of the 41 year old womem whom he raped, kid naped him, and raped him. He died of internal bleeding.

Many women, and men, revear Yeven as a saint for his work.
A strap on dildo is what many lesbian women use on there partnet to enjoy the sexual pleasure of a dick without the mental stress of a man. Yeven Mosby created this.
by Jacob Wilder September 17, 2007
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