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A vaguely spanish sounding name for a girl by the name of Jessika. Spelled without a 'c' and replaced with a 'k' to make her name, like herself, as unique as pissible. She is usually recognized by her cheery, sexy, random, beautiful, fun, and amazing demeanor. The best kind of friend anyone, male or female would ever be able to find because of her general loyalty and support of everyone she loves. Yess-i-kahhhs generally have the most amazing families, and they will accept you with open arms. If you ever happen upon a Yess-i-kahh, never let her go. She's worth every minute of time spent with her, and your spent time will never become a waste (:. A kickass person. Te amo mi Yess-i-kahhh (x
"Hey Lyssa who's that chick?!"
"Oh that's Yess-i-kahhh, she's amazing as hell"
"God a wish i was Neil Gaiman so she'd marry me!!!"
by lyssa(: March 25, 2010
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