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The name Yeseiri is not common nor will be found on any Keychain souvenirs . It is all of the time pronounced wrong and people mistake it for “Yesenia” “yasari” or “Yezeri”. But like the rareness of this name, you are lucky to have a friend or close one. People like her are hard to find and once you find one, never loose her. YESEIRI is a go to person, a person who will laugh along with you, defend you, work hard to make her dream true and mostly never give up. She loves to laugh and smile and wants to bring a happy vibe to everyone she sees. She will give happiness from herself and give it to you. She most of the time puts others before herself in order to give happiness.She is not afraid to admit she is wrong and sometimes will let her guard down, when when she comes back, she comes back stronger than ever.

-She will laugh at herself (self confidence)
-She will laugh at you , but her heart is kind
-Her laugh is contagious

-She will laugh at anything when she is with someone special

-Probably loves orange chicken

-Will never let you down
Yeseiri fell and scraped her knee, but she started laughing while crying.
by Saodi Cruz January 04, 2018
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