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yernie comes from a long histroy of the floyd brown schwarz family tree. a yernie meaning a man who is a yernie.
a flake. a stir fry eater. simply put a yernie. only one who is around a yernie, truly knows. there are only 3 known living cases of yerniedom. ranging from albany, maui, and the streets of little rock arkansas.
adam is such a god damn yernie.
have you seen that yernie?
a yernie drives purple cars and/or a contour.
a yernie likes swiss cheese.
by bill cassidy March 30, 2004
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1.Adam Schwarz
Has abyone herd from the yernie?
Adam Schwarz is such a yernie?
Did you here what the yernie did last night?
by trizz March 29, 2004
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