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Yeneisy is someone who works hard. Someone who always has a smile on her face, but sadly even though it probably is convincing, it most likely isn't real. Yeneisy’s go through a lot of shit, and they maintain to keep everyone believing that they're happy. They've been through hell, but give everyone the belief that they came from heaven. They have a lot of heart, energy, feelings, and problems. Yeneisy's are like a jig-saw puzzle, but in 5-D, yes 5-D, not 4-D, or even 3-D. Definitely someone to keep an eye on because she is going through a lot of shit and nobody deserves to be alone, so just be there for her when her walls break down. She is someone who can be very childish, also humorous and funny. Curses A LOT, a whole fucking lot if you catch my drift. She is always wanting to help everyone. She's independent, she doesn't rely on anyone and she intends to keep it like that because she doesn't intend on getting hurt again. If there's a problem in her life, she handles it without help. Someone who is EXTREMELY underestimated. She is seen as an angel, and nobody sees her horns because her self-control hides them
~ O.C.M.
Situation 1:

P 1: Woah have you seen Yeneisy?

P 2: Yeah, she looked as energetic as usual, why?

P1: Her mom was just yelling about how bad of a daughter she is...

Situatioin 2:

P 1: Hey, where's Yeneisy?

P 2: She said she had to go the bathroom, alone though, why?

P 1: Her dad just got in a car accident...

Situation 3:

P 1: Hey Yeneisy

Yeneisy: HIIIII, how are you?
P 1: I'm fine

Yeneisy: Pinky promise?

P 1: No.

Yeneisy: I knew you weren't okay! Let me listen.

P 1: K.

Situation 4:

Yeneisy: How are you?

P 1: My life has just been shitty lately.

Yeneisy: let me be your toilet paper.

Situation 5:

Yeneisy: I need to be right back, I forgot something...

P 1: Oh okay.

*Yeneisy leaves*

P 2: Hey, you're missing the fight, you'll never guess who's in it

P 1: Who?

P 2: Yeneisy and some other tough person, and Yeneisy is winning.

by Pxpiliv June 15, 2018
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