1)to seek revenge on an ex-girlfriend by climbing on top of her car and shooting your load in front of a huge crowd, probably gathered in a town square. It can also involve using the support from this crowd to bring about government reform.
2)The act of Screaming and Vomiting in the same motion.
1)When Rudy Guiliani originally climbed on top of the BMW to Yeltzin Donna Hanover for that book she wrote, but when he saw the throngs response to his money shot (or to his thong, he wasn't exactly certain), he was able to push for stricter gun controls for NYC, and a ban on public spitting.
2)Dubyatook another shot of Jose Cuervo and shouted "I am the new Jesus, Bwaaaaaaa!" The vomit sprayed the far wall of the oval office. Yeltzin was visiting the White House for the first time since his death.
by Dinkins January 14, 2008
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