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The man with the sharpest dick in the world, and the dullest wit, utterly incapable of holding a conversation without using copypasta. Careful not to make him angry though, or he'll Cub Scout Whoop your ass.
"Hey, man, what's up?"
"Well, it's always been a fantasy of mine to be a sex slave for 2 bears, male and female, pleasing the male when she's tired, and vice versa. Slowly sliding my lips up and down his thick--"
"Dude...dude, what?"
"I am very secure about my pizza. You have obviously never tasted pizza if you think mine looks bad, and that is very sad for you. You should get a pizza right away so you will have some knowledge of pizza and not sound like a fool when you speak."
"Dude, you are such a Yellowben."
by Ego Finale September 09, 2014
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