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Yellow bikes are community bikes owned by Eckerd College, a small liberal arts school on the West Coast of Florida. The program allows for anyone on campus to pick up a yellow bike that is not being used and ride it to where they need to go. Being one of the biggest hippie schools on the East Coast, the goal of the yellow bike program is to have less vehicle traffic on campus which will ultimately reduce greenhouse emissions.

When certain assholes arrive at their destination, they throw the bikes into bushes, over the sea wall, or onto roofs. Homeless people also nick them from campus.

Yellow bikes are classified as a critically endangered species by the end of each semester because most are broken or lying at the bottom of Frenchman's Creek.
Hippie #1: Brah, I was hoping to catch a yellow bike so I wouldn't be late for class but I don't see any.

Hippie #2: Dude, it's May, yellow bikes haven't been seen for over two months now.
by eclove August 27, 2011
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Asian made motorcycle (sports bike)
Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc
also known as rice rocket or crotch rocket
All my folks in the town ride hoggsHarleys, while this crazy fools there here ride and stunt on a "yellow bikes".
by Trust me January 02, 2006
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