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An illegal street drug which is available in the UK and is usually sold by a 'boz boz'. Yellow Bentines are usually sold for £30 a smack but have side effects, such as the taker going on a bad 'crack handle'.

Sometimes known as Klarky Caps
Are you a boz boz? Do you have any Yellow Bentines? I'll give you £20 for a Clarky Cap. I don't want my hand to feel like a week in a lead balloon. My friend got a bad crack handle, ended up on a negative blooty and had jessop jessop jessop.
by Les Battersby March 12, 2005
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A small purple amphetamine pill popular among Irish jockeys living in south London. The drug gets its name from the subtle yellowing effect it has on the skin, especially the scrotum and hands, which has also lead to the naming of a sub-genre of club music known as Heppy-Scrot.
Jockey: Are you the bozz bozz?
The Bozz Bozz: Yes.
Jockey: Got any Yellow Bentines?
by Prof. Geonear January 09, 2007
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