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A game played on the inside of a moving car in which any time the car is under a yellow traffic light (though some interpretations state that the yellow light only needs to be seen by any one or more of the passengers). After the presence of the yellow light is made known, all passengers must try to touch the ceiling of the car. The last individual to touch the ceiling of the car must remove one article of clothing of their choice. Please note that the driver may participate in the game, but any safety hazards resulting from the driver of a large vehicle trying to pull their shirt over their head are not the responsibility of the individual writing this definition.
Person 1: Yellow light!
(Persons 2-4 place their hands of the ceiling of the car)
Person 5: Dammit, I was texting!
Person 1: The yellow light game rules!
by chrismamo1 June 02, 2013
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