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Yelayla is the most captivating, savvy, and witty person you will ever meet, but they don't know it. They strive to be a good person in general, and be nice to everyone no matter who they are. You might think a person as amazing as them would have all the self confidence, but under all their jokes and funny quips, they have their own demons telling them other wise; so don't forget to remind them how amazing they really are! Yelayla will deny all of your compliments, so don't give up and remember to reassure them, for they don't see what you see; the most arresting & jaw-dropping person you will meet!
Girl: "Hey, did you meet Yelayla?"

Guy: "Yeah, she's so pretty and funny!"

Girl: "I'd tap that."

Guy: "Jeesh, take them to dinner first. Same tho."
by Ej Mc June 04, 2018
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A girl who is perfect can steal your heart in minutes. shes the sweetest and kindest girl you could meet. she smart and funny. she can make you laugh and loves every one. she one the most beautiful and sexiest girls. she has a heart of gold and can warm any ones heart. if you have one never let her go, and love her with all your heart just like she would do. their angles who will bless every one they meet, but if you hurt her or her loved ones she can become a bitch . she can hold a grudge and is very stubborn.if you ever get a chance to tell her how you feel don't hesitate treat her like a queen and never let her think other wise because if you do she will treat you like a king and love you for eternity.
Guy; hey, i just meet the love of my life.

Friend; she must be a Yelayla!

Guy; how did you know?

Friend; she sounds perfect!
by Ej Mc May 03, 2018
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