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a call originated from Richmond,Ca. Used throughout all the Bay Area. To call your homies up the block.
Raymont:"Ey where mah cuddies at?"
Jontell:"I onno mayn call them foos."

Outta nowhere 20 cuddies appear...

Cuddie:"somebody call me?"
by Jaz W. June 08, 2006
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Term used to humiliate or put another person down in response to them saying something they deem to be either humorous, clever or of any significance, although it is in reality, none of them.

A sarcastic use of 'yeah', to express disagreement or a lack of interest.
"I reckon Liverpool might win the league this year!"
by Superbia In Proelia January 23, 2011
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Created by the greatest champion known to man Joaquin Rincon of California. It is used for celebration or agreement
Example 1. Looks like I am going to the club tonight. Yeeeee!!!!!

Example 2. Damn check out that chick over there.

Example 3. I made the winning goal! Yeeeee!!!!!
by Gatorhunter April 27, 2011
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